Changes in Event Registration

With the Spring Rally in Paris, we are going to test a couple of additions to our Unit Event registration procedures.

First, the Registrar will accept post-dated cheques provided they are dated on or before the event cut-off date. This will allow such cheques to clear our bank before we have to use the funds to pay the event bills.

Second, the registrars’ bank accounts were recently upgraded to allow on-line banking services so we can now offer the option of e-transfers for the event fees. E-transfers are offered by most of the major banks through INTERAC as a part of their on-line banking services. The procedure varies slightly between banks, but basically involves setting up a transfer using your on-line banking services. Your bank will send the transfer to the email address which you specify (we will indicate the address on the event coupon). When the Registrar receives the email, the funds can be deposited into the Registrar’s account. The procedure is secure and no banking information is shared between the two parties. There is a nominal fee ($1.50 for CIBC) charged to the sender and no cost to the recipient.

In conjunction with the e-transfer, the Registrar will also welcome emailed registration forms. These can be either scans of a completed paper form or simply an email containing the information requested on the form.

All our traditional Registration methods will remain in place, so if a Canada Post letter with a cheque (post-dated or not) is your preference, please carry on with that.

Regardless of your registration method, we hope to see you in Paris!


To register for a rally or rendezvous, pick one of the following procedures:

  1. Traditional method – mail a registration form with a cheque to the address noted on the registration form. The cheque may be post-dated to no later than the cut-off date set out on the registration form. Be sure to mail your registration so that the registrar will receive it before the cut-off date.
  2. E-registration – E-mail a scanned registration form or the information requested in the form to the registrar e-mail address set out on the form. Pay the registration fee by e-transfer of the funds.
  3. Registration after the cut-off date – registrations after the cut-off date noted on the registration form will be accommodated if possible. Do not send a late registration by regular mail. Late registration must be either 1) by e-registration or 2) by sending the registration information by e-mail or a phone call, with payment of the registration fee in cash at the event.

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