True North Caravan

The True North Caravan

The Ontario Canada Unit is sponsoring the True North Caravan for those interested in seeing some of the more accessible areas of Canada’s North. The caravan will formally launch in Edmonton on June 7 but will depart eastern Ontario on May 28. Caravanners are welcome to join along the route. Our itinerary will take us north from Alberta into the Northwest Territories, with stops at Hay River on the south side of Great Slave Lake and Yellowknife on the north side of the lake, with interim stops along the way. We will then head west to Fort Simpson on the mighty Mackenzie River. Caution, there will be gravel roads on this leg! We will then head south to Fort Liard (more gravel) and on to the Alaska Highway, headed for the Yukon. We will be in Whitehorse for Canada Day and will stay in Dawson City for several days to take advantage of the sites and scenes of this historic area. We will then back track a bit to the Alaska Highway before heading a bit further west to the Kluane area. That will be our turn around point for the return to Edmonton. We will conclude the caravan in Edmonton on July 21. A few caravanners will leave us in the Yukon and continue on into Alaska on their own adventure.

This is a relatively unstructured caravan but will have many opportunities for outdoor activities like fishing and hiking for those who want to pursue these activities. The scenery should be spectacular and there are several locations where float plane or helicopter tours are available to see the sights away from the highways. Kerry & Betty Mattila will be leading the caravan so drop us an email if you want to come along! We still have a spot or two available.

Kerry and Betty Mattila

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