True North Caravan Status

Hi Everyone: our True North Caravan with the Airstream Club has reached its first milestone.  We are now camped at Glowing Embers RV in Acheson, a suburb of Edmonton after a week + run from Ontario. The weather has been mostly sunny with occasional rain, a real mixed bag.  Very hot in central Ontario, then very cool in the north, mixed across the Prairies.  We have had lows of +4 and highs of +30.  Other than a minor truck problem which got fixed in Dryden without causing any delay, the trip has been great.  We have an excellent group of people as our traveling companions, 17 in total in 9 rigs ranging from a 16’ to a 34’ Airstream.  Early on it was discovered that there are a few musically inclined folks so instruments emerged and we have 3 ukes and 2 guitars along for the ride.  Evening sessions have resulted.

A road trip is a perfect reminder of how big this country really is, and we are just getting started.  We have camped so far in Sudbury, the Soo, Marathon, Kakabeka Falls, Dryden, Winnipeg, Yorkton, Battleford and now Edmonton. Tomorrow we head north, with the first stop being Peace River.  Then on to the Northwest Territories and the adventure really begins.  We have all prepared our rigs for the gravel roads, with final details today.  We have applied headlight protectors, wrapped propane lines, put screening in the grills, have extra tires, covered drain valves and today the plywood stone guards go on.  We have about 500 km of gravel roads ahead on the Mackenzie and Liard Highways.  I have laid out the route so that the 500 km is spread out over 4 driving days, so we can take our time.

Our campground here has quite a few evacuees from Fort McMurray, many with families.  They are telling us that they may not be able to go back until September, as the air quality in Fort Mac is not safe for children.  The rec hall here at the campground is also a donation center and there are all kinds of supplies for the evacuees. There is so much cleanup and re-building to be done.  We are also being warned about bears and other wildlife in the north.  With so much territory burned this year, wildlife that survived the fires has been displaced and food supplies are scarce.  Caution is urged for any hiking trails.  Duly noted!

Our internet connections will be limited as we head north, but we will get updates out when we can.  Have a great summer everyone!

Cheers, Kerry, Betty and Bindy

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  1. You sure know how to hurt a guy stuck at home working. If you have any issues getting the plywood on give me a call or send photo’s of the issue.

    Glad to hear you are all having a great time.


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