2016 Richmond Fall Rally

2016 Fall Rally in Richmond

Forty-two trailers gathered under a new moon in Richmond for a jam packed weekend of fun and friendship. We were told that 90% of a successful rally is the weather and with 5 days of sun and heat we were certainly guaranteed a successful rally.

President Gordon opened the Rally on Friday evening in the lovely old dining hall on the fairgrounds, followed by the induction of new members Eddy, Lilian and Christopher Lloyd. After hospitality, what better way to enjoy a clear evening under the new moon than a movie, The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, curtesy of John and Marlene Shade.
After break2016-fall-rally-carl-at-workfast on Saturday, we split into two groups, a Linus Blanket and Craft session in the Hall and a Truth and Knowledge session at picnic tables set up on the lawn beside the Hall. Just a reminder that the sessions are not a ladies session and a men’s session but both are open to everyone. We were so pleased when Carl Taylor joined us to make the craft, a cover for our Happy Hour drink glasses and trays of goodies. 2016-fall-rally-craft-session

A highlight of the afternoon flea market were the Airstream trailer necklaces made by our new member Lilian Lloyd and earrings made by Debbie Hiltz.
We had two 1½ hour happy hours over the weekend. The first was a hassle tassel on Saturday. For those not familiar with a hassle tassel, each trailer was randomly assigned a happy hour host trailer to go to for happy hour. We had 9 happy hour hosts (thank-you hosts!) and approximately 5 couples per host trailer. It was a great way to get to know people better.
Our catered turkey dinner was prepared and served by the Fairground volunteers. Turkeys were cooked in ovens all over Richmond for us to enjoy. The home-made apple crisp and ice-cream for dessert was a big hit. Dinner was followed by an entertaining presentation on the history of Richmond by Phil Jenkins. Those who attended the Kingston Rally in 2013 will remember Phil’s presentation on the St Lawrence River. Google Phil Jenkins and you will find the 4 books he has written. He is as entertaining an author as he is as a presenter.
On Sunday we had a caravan session with Kerry Mattila. He was so pumped about the True North caravan this summer he had a hard time leaving his reminiscing behind to talk about next year’s caravans. No-one minded, though, as the description of the True North caravan had us all mesmerized.
To complement Phil Jenkin’s presentation, Wendy and Carl Taylor prepared a lovely hour long self-guided walking tour of Richmond for Sunday afternoon. The tour included an amazing labyrinth behind the Anglican Church called the Quiet Garden. We have not mentioned yet that we were honoured with the attendance of the 1VP of International, Jim Cocke and his wife Debbie Wood at our Rally. An enduring image for Lynn was watching Jim quietly walk the labyrinth in bare feet. He said later that it was so very relaxing and calming and he enjoyed it very much.
Jim gave a presentation immediately following the walking tour on his vision of WBCCI moving forward. Even the most skeptical among us were impressed with Jim’s aim to bring WBCCI into the 21st century. He recognizes the Club has been bound by tradition and has to change if we are to stay vibrant and attract new members.
Sunday afternoon concluded with our second group 1½ hour happy hour at the picnic tables followed by a corn and hot dog roast, again cutesy of John and Marlene Shade.


Happy Hour & Corn and Hot Dog Dinner

The Rally concluded with our business meeting and with Jim Cocke installing the officers for next year.
Many people worked hard to make this Rally a happy and fun time for all. A special thanks to our greeters Kay Black and Bob Chapman and to our parkers, Doug Black, Rob Gillies, Lawrence Northway. And of course a huge thank-you to our co-hosts. Wendy and Carl Taylor, John and Marlene Shade and Claire and Lawrence Northway — you are the best! A final thank-you to all who attended the Rally. Not only did you make all the work of hosting a rally worthwhile but you made quite an impression on the Richmond Fairgrounds people. They were rather overwhelmed by how friendly and helpful everyone was. I am sure they will welcome us all back one day (and individually anytime – See the little article on Camping in Richmond.)

Lynn and Robert Douglas


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