2017 Spring Gathering at Blyth

The 2017 Spring Gathering at Blyth
Blyth Community Centre Campground
377 Gypsy Ln, Blyth, ON N0G 2W0
Monday, May 22 through Wednesday May 24
GPS: 43.736569, -81.431446

2016 Spring Gathering-1Its time again for the South-West Spring Gathering prior to the Spring Rally. Time for fellow Airstreamers to get together, checkout their trailers, shoo out the mice that overwintered, and spend inordinate amounts of time discussing and solving the world’s problems.

Facilities include 15 and 30 amp electrical service and water. Arena access is available with washrooms and showers, with WiFi for you Facebook addicts. The dump is available on the road next to the campground. We have been asked to park by “Shed 3” which is directly opposite to the Centre on the west side of the park. This building also has washroom and shower facilities.

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You can arrive anytime, and just pay for the days that you are there. If you are really keen, you can come early on Saturday or Sunday.

A tentative schedule is:

Monday: arrive and set up camp. Join in the Happy Hour.

Tuesday: Coffee, muffins, and cookies in the luxurious eating area in the arena. There will be the standard Happy Hour in the afternoon and a Wienie roast for dinner. If you would like to show off your prowess as a chef, make up a batch of sweet things to share with the other members.

Wednesday: More of the same. Plan for a dinner at the Blyth Inn <http://www.blythinn.ca/>.

Thursday: Early Breakfast, and then pack up for the caravan to the Orangeville Fairgrounds (128 km, about 1h 38min). We will plan on leaving for Orangeville  around 12 noon.

Note that this schedule can change at a moments notice depending on the whims of the campers attending and the spring weather.

The costs are $22.90 per night (up $.40 per night over last year in a blatant cash grab by the camp ground) plus $5 per person to cover food costs. You can pay the hosts by cash or cheque on arrival. Space is NOT limited (800+ sites).

Contact the hosts – Tom and Merry Cada <thecadas@gmail.com> and let us know your arrival date.

Looking forward to hearing from you… Tom & Merry (4300).


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Cost is $22.90 per day + $5.00 per member rally fee (children excepted) payable to the Hosts.

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