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ontario-unit-crestThe Ontario Canada Unit:
Taking Fun, Fellowship and Adventure on the Road!

Since receiving its Charter in 1964, the Ontario Canada Unit has been one of the largest units in WBCCI, both in terms of the number of members and in the geography from which we draw our members. Our large and diverse membership is drawn from all parts of the Province of Ontario. As a result, our activities also cover a lot of territory! We maintain a busy schedule of rallies, rendezvous, caravans and social gatherings throughout the year. Most are held on weekends so that working members can fully participate.alt-evening

Our Spring and Fall rallies are our biggest annual events, drawing as many as 100 Airstreams. Our rallies are typically held at regional Fairgrounds where we have access to water and electric, a good hall for social activities and club meetings, breakfasts every morning, at least one catered dinner and entertainment. Often the Rally Hosts will plan local tours, perhaps a car rally or other activities to take advantage of the area’s attractions. These are great ways to get to know more about our wonderful Province. Seminar sessions are often held  to share information on maintaining and IMG-AboutUs-2using our Airstreams. The women of the Unit continue an active craft group that donates much of its work to local charities across Ontario. A Rendezvous is a smaller, more informal version of a rally. We plan these events for mid-summer and early Fall. They may be held at fairgrounds or at campgrounds throughout the Province. The typical Rendezvous offers time for socializing, games breakfasts, and may include a pot luck supper or a corn roast in the Fall. Again, we often hold information seminars to share our experiences with our Airstreams.

Each year we start our “Streaming Season” with Spring Shakedowns, one in Eastern Ontario and a second in Southwestern Ontario. These casual camping sessions are geared to getting the rig on the road and ready for the summer camping and traveling season. They are also a chance for those many members who travel south for the winter to renew friendships with other members that they may not have seen for several months. Caravans are also an important part of our annual schedule. Each year we plan Unit caravans to the International rally and to other special WBCCIIMG-AboutUs-3 events. We also plan caravans with chosen themes or that travel to particular destinations with stops along the way. Our caravans tend to be quite informal and can last anywhere from a day or two to several weeks. These caravans are a great way to get to know your fellow members and to see some wonderful sights. A caravan is really a rolling social event, marked by camaraderie on the road and at the many stops along the way. It’s a great way to go on an interesting tour with a group of friends without having to do any planning!

Wait, there is more! If the rallies, rendezvous and caravans aren’t enough, we also hold breakfasts and dinners throughout the year in different parts of the Province. These may be the three Pre-Winter dinners held in eastern, central and southern Ontario or the Mid-Winter dinner near London held for those who didn’t head south. We also have informal breakfast gatherings of groups of members who just like to get together and do what we all do well – eat and gab! So if you own an Airstream, or want to, come on out and meet us. Remember, there are no strangers in Airstreaming, only friends that we haven’t met!

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